Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Miami Happenings

~I need to learn Spanish...STAT. Seriously I can barely get an English speaking person anywhere. Especially in my area, it's mainly Colombians and Venezuelans.

~The heat in Miami is stifling. And that's putting it lightly. I wasn't prepared for this...hell, my HAIR wasn't prepared for this! It frizzes up at the thought of humidity. I might have to let my wrap go for a little bit and start wearing a weave or braids, at least until cooler weather makes its way down here. The other day my co-worker was talking about a cold front that was supposed to be coming through and this fool said, "it's supposed to get down to 80 degrees" WTF? People, 80 degrees is NOT a cold front.

~I'm bound to put on a few pounds. I've been eating so much Haitian food since I've been down here. I've missed the food of my youth. My aunt has promised to come down and stay with me for a couple of weeks and re-teach me how to cook Haitian food.
~My baby sis had her baby! I am an aunt for the fourth time. I went to spend the weekend with her last weekend. The genius in me decided to stay up with the baby and let her sleep. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't see how people do it! I am cranky as hell when I'm sleepy! I couldn't function after my lack of sleep...I don't know how I made my 2 hour drive back to Miami.
Isn't she a beauty? :)

~The foolishness that is Miami highways is ridiculous. Every time I ask someone where something is, they'll say "oh, it's up the street". To me, up the street means a few blocks away or it takes less than 10 minutes. To Miami folk, up the street means taking the highway. I have to jump on the highway for EVERYTHING! And they don't know how to drive. I swear I was almost killed on the highway on the way home from church, my second weekend here.

~My dad is so upset that I decided to move out of the house. He can't understand why I would leave my parents house where I didn't have any living expenses to now having tons of living expenses. I'd much rather struggle living on my own and have peace of mind, than to live at home, for free, where my family LITERALLY drives me insane. I just can't function in chaos...and that's exactly what living at home felt like...CHAOS. There's nothing worse than not wanting to go home, because you can't stand being there. I.HAD.TO.GO! So here I am in Miami. Money is tight, but I'm at I'm cool.

There's more, but I can't remember right now. I shall come back.