Monday, February 21, 2011

New Year....Lots of changes

A lot has happened since this year has started. First I have a new boo. Yaay me! I know I can't talk about him without getting long-winded, so I'll save him for another post.

I got a new job!! Making a lil' (and I do mean little) more money. But it's in my field and the department has a partnership with the Masters program I'm trying to get into, so it works. I willing to grind it out for now to get where I want to be. And my job offers tuition waivers for up to 6 credit hours per semester! Score!!! So I'll be going to school for FREE! I loves free stuff :).

I finally did what I've been wanting to do for over a year....I went NATURAL!!! And I LOVE it!! And everyone seems to love it on me. The boo went with me for moral support and he loves it. He kept running his fingers through my hair, or my scalp (as my bestie would say lol). I washed my hair myself for the first time on Thursday and it was so easy. I kept feeling like I should wash it some more because I'm used to having a load of hair to wash. And I've almost got my regiment down. I'm simple, so I need my regiment simple. I'm trying to avoid becoming a product junkie. So far, so good.

This year has started out so much better than last year. I was in a bad place at the beginning of 2010, but my God has truly shown me His favor and I'm so glad about it. So happy and Hopeful.
Oh, and if anyone wants to volunteer to help me update my blog I would really appreciate it. I haven't updated the look of this thing since I started it. I'll pay you in smiles *cheese* :)