Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is it weird...

That I don't want anyone that I know to read this blog. I kind of feel like this is my mental sanctuary. Only one of my best friends has the url for this blog.

A girl I went to high school with sent me an invitation to Twitter. I guess she's just getting hype to twitter. I've been on twitter since last summer, I think. I followed her without first thinking of the consequences. Now I feel bad if I unfollow her, because that's gonna seem shady. No?

I had the link to my blog on my twitter page. I took that down.

I feel like I don't really anything in common with the people I went to high school with, mainly the ones that didn't go off to college.

UGH! Dilemma!

I'm mad at myself.

Man I want to take her off! LOL. I'm wacky, I already know.

Ah well, such is life.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trips, girls and strong personalities...oh my!

Ok, so my best friends are on schedule to go to Chicago next month for the Taste of Chicago Festival.

*side note* In high school I had three best friends. The four of us hung tight. Two went to an HBCU and me and the other friend went to our PWI (Go Gators! lol). One of my friends from the HBCU moved to Chicago after graduation. The other one stayed in the town where she went to college after graduation to work. The best friend who went to college with me, left and went back home after she got pregnant.

We haven't had a girls weekend with the four of us since junior year in undergrad. Our weekends have never been without craziness. Someone always gets mad at someone else. At least that's how it used to be. We all such strong personalities. Personally, I think I've toughened up because of them. I used to be so passive and non-confrontational. But after we all became friends, in order to keep up with their snarky remarks I had to learn to have my comebacks lol.

A whole lot of stuff went down after my friend got pregnant. We all stopped talking to her, for our own totally different reasons. This all happened Spring 2006. DRAMA! If I were to give a back story on everything, it would take several posts. I'm exhausted just thinking of it. So let's just say it wasn't pretty.

My friend from back home and I started texting around last summer. Got re-acquainted (sort of). Once I moved back home last August, we slowly begin to communicate. Matter of fact, she put me on to the job that I currently have.

So my friend from Chicago and I were IM'ing at work a few weeks ago and were discussing me coming to Chicago for The Taste. Then she shocked the hell out of me and suggested that I invite our two other friends. I didn't know the reaction I would get from the other two, but surprisingly they were really receptive.

Today we booked our flight online. I think everyone's a little apprehensive about how well it will go. But I'm so optimistic. Maybe I'm being naive. Who knows? But I figure, we're all adults and we should be able to go on this trip and behave ourselves accordingly and handle anything that may arise as adults. We have so much fun together and know each other so well. We've all been through so much together and I know they're each gong to in my life for the long haul.

I figure I'm gonna pray (a whole lot) and do a couple hail Mary's (I'm not even Catholic, lol) and hope for the best. I feel like its' going to go well though. So pray for us! lol.
My prayer: Lawd, please help us to have a drama-free trip.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Man, WTH?!

Ok, I want to start this blog off by thanking God (don't I sound like a rapper accepting a BET award? Lol). But seriously I need to thank God because he just keeps on blessing me, despite my wayward ways!*I just looked at the title of my post and it doesn't match my gratitude! Lol

Ok, remember how I was talking about my brother knocking up some chick in my last post? (Of course you don't). So it turns out, he was covering up for his girl cousin, my stepmom's (his mom)niece. Turns out this 'lil heifa got pregnant and didn't tell anyone. The 'lil heifa got sick at school one day and my stepmom and her dad went to pick her up and took her to the hospital. They get to the hospital and the doctor announces "We should have a baby very shortly". My stepmom and her brother were looking around like "WTF, what baby?". Needless to say everyone was in shock.

And you know what, this mess pisses me off! These little kids think babies are toys! They just think they're gonna have a baby and all is gonna be well with the world! What the hell would possess this 'lil heifa to get pregnant and not tell anyone? Not only did she not get any prenatal care, she has no job and no means to take care of a child. So you know who the responsibilty falls on, that's right her daddy.

I just turned 26 last week and I'm still not ready to be a mommy. I watch my nephew sometimes and I'm ready to send him back to whence he came after a couple hours. This 20 and under generation baffle me. They have no sense of responsibility. Hell, they don't have common sense for that matter. Can you tell I'm mad?!

I originally planned to talk about my boo and my fun weekend, but I thought of that situation and got mad. Ah well, cet la vie.

Next time I'll be more pleasant, promise :)