Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Miami Happenings

~I need to learn Spanish...STAT. Seriously I can barely get an English speaking person anywhere. Especially in my area, it's mainly Colombians and Venezuelans.

~The heat in Miami is stifling. And that's putting it lightly. I wasn't prepared for this...hell, my HAIR wasn't prepared for this! It frizzes up at the thought of humidity. I might have to let my wrap go for a little bit and start wearing a weave or braids, at least until cooler weather makes its way down here. The other day my co-worker was talking about a cold front that was supposed to be coming through and this fool said, "it's supposed to get down to 80 degrees" WTF? People, 80 degrees is NOT a cold front.

~I'm bound to put on a few pounds. I've been eating so much Haitian food since I've been down here. I've missed the food of my youth. My aunt has promised to come down and stay with me for a couple of weeks and re-teach me how to cook Haitian food.
~My baby sis had her baby! I am an aunt for the fourth time. I went to spend the weekend with her last weekend. The genius in me decided to stay up with the baby and let her sleep. I don't know what I was thinking. I don't see how people do it! I am cranky as hell when I'm sleepy! I couldn't function after my lack of sleep...I don't know how I made my 2 hour drive back to Miami.
Isn't she a beauty? :)

~The foolishness that is Miami highways is ridiculous. Every time I ask someone where something is, they'll say "oh, it's up the street". To me, up the street means a few blocks away or it takes less than 10 minutes. To Miami folk, up the street means taking the highway. I have to jump on the highway for EVERYTHING! And they don't know how to drive. I swear I was almost killed on the highway on the way home from church, my second weekend here.

~My dad is so upset that I decided to move out of the house. He can't understand why I would leave my parents house where I didn't have any living expenses to now having tons of living expenses. I'd much rather struggle living on my own and have peace of mind, than to live at home, for free, where my family LITERALLY drives me insane. I just can't function in chaos...and that's exactly what living at home felt like...CHAOS. There's nothing worse than not wanting to go home, because you can't stand being there. I.HAD.TO.GO! So here I am in Miami. Money is tight, but I'm at I'm cool.

There's more, but I can't remember right now. I shall come back.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Just a Quick update

I'm blogging with this mobile blogging thingy from my phone, so bare with me if the post comes out all weird or something...K? :)

So I am now a Miami resident. I am even thinking of changing the address on my driver's license, that makes me really nervous! The address on my license has been the same since I was 16...I guess in my mind it makes my move permanent. These past two weeks have been interesting to say the least.

The boo and I are trying rekindle our romance, so to speak, we have been broken up for two months. Haven't felt like talking about that situation at all, it made me extremely sad :-/. But now that we're in the same city, he seems to be making the effort. I care deeply for him, so I hope we get it together. He keeps making plans for us, but I'm hesitant because I'm scared. Matters of the heart are SO scary! Ugh (<---Dang, I didn't mean to write that much about him)

I have family drama out the wazoo! Ugh! So glad to be out back on my own again! I am not meant to live with anyone else. I walk around nakeed constantly and I LOVE it!!! Lol

I like my new office. Its smaller but more intimate, so I like it.I love the area that I live in. Its not the city part and I like it that way.

I'll elaborate more in a few days.

*Miami folk are so different and interesting, lol

My prayer: Lord please help me to make the most of this opportunity!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Got an APARTMENT!!!! :)

I just got word this morning that I was approved for my apartment!

That was my biggest worry as far as my move is concerned. Now that I know where I'm going to live, I just need to figure how I'm gonna get my stuff down to Miami :). I absolutely hate moving! Every time I had to move in college, it just made me want to throw everything away and start over.

But moving is good way to purge though. I throw a lot of things away simply because I don't feel like packing it. The homeless shelter usually makes out good with all the clothes and shoes, lol.

Winning the Lottery right now would be the greatest thing ever! lol.

I'm going through this phase where I feel like changing my phone number. Just start fresh with my new move and only inform those that really need to know. I've had my current phone number since my freshman year in college, 7 years, and I just feel like a change. I also want to cut all my hair off and just start over, natural though. I've never even given going natural any serious thought.

Can I really go Natural?!?!? :-/

I don't know what I'm going through, maybe it's the move.

Prayers would be appreciated, for those of you that pray. Truth be told, I'm scared sh!tless about this move. I have tons of friends from college down there and one of my best friends, but I'm scared of the unknown. On the flip side, I'm ridiculously excited about the possibilities. Is that weird?

I'll be back to let you guys in on the personal side. Haven't done one of those posts in a minute. Hope everyone's doing great! :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remember When....

I said, if I lived in Miami I wouldn't take life seriously? Well it looks like I'm going to get my chance to not take life seriously!!! :) I'm so excited! :)

A few weeks ago, I noticed that a position opened up in my department down in Miami and I went to talk to my Bureau Chief about it. I let him know my interest. He basically let me know that they were just moving some people around, but they were still obligated to post the position. But he let me know that my same position would be open in Miami and it would also set me up to move up faster. I told him cool, I'll take it!

This spur of the moment decision is SO not me! But I felt that I needed to take that chance and go for it. So my boss informed me last week that if I wanted the position it was mine.

I'm so excited, scared, apprehensive...everything! I've been searching for apartments like crazy. It's so hard :-/. I want to live in a good area that's affordable.

So yea, I'm moving to Miami and I can't believe I'm actually taking this jump.

Wish me luck! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

So much drama in the ORL :-/

So much going on in my world right now...I feel so overwhelmed.

*My family members seem to think I'm an extension of B.ank of America, W.achovia or some kind of bank. I just don't get it. I seem to be the first line of help when someone in my family needs something. I'm 'bout to start telling their asse$ NO! It might even be a hell NO. I'm trying to get myself on my feet and I can't do that when everyone thinks I'm their personal bank.

*And that leads me to this...I hate when people ask me for stuff like I owe them something. If you're going to ask me for something, then ask. But don't come to me EXPECTING to get it. I don't even feel like I owe anything to even my father. And my mother has gone to heaven so the only person I really owe anything to is God.

*A pet peeve of mine is men who don't get up for elderly women or women with children on the bus. Seriously, WTF? Have you no manners? A lady got on the bus the other afternoon with her young daughter and there was at least 3 men sitting in the front and not one of those idiots stood up to give her their seat! When the bus pulled forward she damn near fell over with her daughter in her arms. And finally one of the idiots decided to give her a seat! UGH!

*Ok, so I think this love sh!t is for the birds. Seriously, relationships are hard as hell. And men try to perpetrate like they're not emotional beings, but they so are! It's ridiculous. I will admit that I was so used to dating nonchalant men, so this in turn has made me very nonchalant and guarded. I just really did not want to get hurt. But I say what the hey and opened myself up to my current honey and now his @ss is acting up! I don't know, I'm not one to give up easily but there is only so much one can take. The same thing you did to get me, should be the same thing you do to keep me. Consistency is the key. Men can you tell me why you guys are such big babies? LOL (seriously thought)

*Ummm, if you're stomach hangs over your pants you should not be wearing midriff shirts. I swear if I see one more case of this foolishness I am going to scream. I don't know what is up with the Orlando women, but they seem to think it's cute to have their stomach out. Despite the gun shot wounds, stretch marks, dimples etc. It's gross and a bit disheartening.

*I absolutely hate this H.alle B.erry song by H.urricane Chris. He looks like a gremlin! And his black @ss lips don't make it any better. I can't stand weed lips. EWWW.

*Someone must have put a message out that I was having trouble in paradise. I've been getting calls and emails from EX's since last week. It's kind of annoying. I don't know why my ex's think that just because they've contacted me, I'm going to jump out of my skin with joy. NOT.GONNA.HAPPEN. Eww, there's a reason you're an ex.

My prayer: Lord, please give me strength and peace of mind, because I can't shoulder everyone else's problems by myself.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Is it weird...

That I don't want anyone that I know to read this blog. I kind of feel like this is my mental sanctuary. Only one of my best friends has the url for this blog.

A girl I went to high school with sent me an invitation to Twitter. I guess she's just getting hype to twitter. I've been on twitter since last summer, I think. I followed her without first thinking of the consequences. Now I feel bad if I unfollow her, because that's gonna seem shady. No?

I had the link to my blog on my twitter page. I took that down.

I feel like I don't really anything in common with the people I went to high school with, mainly the ones that didn't go off to college.

UGH! Dilemma!

I'm mad at myself.

Man I want to take her off! LOL. I'm wacky, I already know.

Ah well, such is life.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Trips, girls and strong personalities...oh my!

Ok, so my best friends are on schedule to go to Chicago next month for the Taste of Chicago Festival.

*side note* In high school I had three best friends. The four of us hung tight. Two went to an HBCU and me and the other friend went to our PWI (Go Gators! lol). One of my friends from the HBCU moved to Chicago after graduation. The other one stayed in the town where she went to college after graduation to work. The best friend who went to college with me, left and went back home after she got pregnant.

We haven't had a girls weekend with the four of us since junior year in undergrad. Our weekends have never been without craziness. Someone always gets mad at someone else. At least that's how it used to be. We all such strong personalities. Personally, I think I've toughened up because of them. I used to be so passive and non-confrontational. But after we all became friends, in order to keep up with their snarky remarks I had to learn to have my comebacks lol.

A whole lot of stuff went down after my friend got pregnant. We all stopped talking to her, for our own totally different reasons. This all happened Spring 2006. DRAMA! If I were to give a back story on everything, it would take several posts. I'm exhausted just thinking of it. So let's just say it wasn't pretty.

My friend from back home and I started texting around last summer. Got re-acquainted (sort of). Once I moved back home last August, we slowly begin to communicate. Matter of fact, she put me on to the job that I currently have.

So my friend from Chicago and I were IM'ing at work a few weeks ago and were discussing me coming to Chicago for The Taste. Then she shocked the hell out of me and suggested that I invite our two other friends. I didn't know the reaction I would get from the other two, but surprisingly they were really receptive.

Today we booked our flight online. I think everyone's a little apprehensive about how well it will go. But I'm so optimistic. Maybe I'm being naive. Who knows? But I figure, we're all adults and we should be able to go on this trip and behave ourselves accordingly and handle anything that may arise as adults. We have so much fun together and know each other so well. We've all been through so much together and I know they're each gong to in my life for the long haul.

I figure I'm gonna pray (a whole lot) and do a couple hail Mary's (I'm not even Catholic, lol) and hope for the best. I feel like its' going to go well though. So pray for us! lol.
My prayer: Lawd, please help us to have a drama-free trip.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Man, WTH?!

Ok, I want to start this blog off by thanking God (don't I sound like a rapper accepting a BET award? Lol). But seriously I need to thank God because he just keeps on blessing me, despite my wayward ways!*I just looked at the title of my post and it doesn't match my gratitude! Lol

Ok, remember how I was talking about my brother knocking up some chick in my last post? (Of course you don't). So it turns out, he was covering up for his girl cousin, my stepmom's (his mom)niece. Turns out this 'lil heifa got pregnant and didn't tell anyone. The 'lil heifa got sick at school one day and my stepmom and her dad went to pick her up and took her to the hospital. They get to the hospital and the doctor announces "We should have a baby very shortly". My stepmom and her brother were looking around like "WTF, what baby?". Needless to say everyone was in shock.

And you know what, this mess pisses me off! These little kids think babies are toys! They just think they're gonna have a baby and all is gonna be well with the world! What the hell would possess this 'lil heifa to get pregnant and not tell anyone? Not only did she not get any prenatal care, she has no job and no means to take care of a child. So you know who the responsibilty falls on, that's right her daddy.

I just turned 26 last week and I'm still not ready to be a mommy. I watch my nephew sometimes and I'm ready to send him back to whence he came after a couple hours. This 20 and under generation baffle me. They have no sense of responsibility. Hell, they don't have common sense for that matter. Can you tell I'm mad?!

I originally planned to talk about my boo and my fun weekend, but I thought of that situation and got mad. Ah well, cet la vie.

Next time I'll be more pleasant, promise :)

Monday, April 13, 2009


Who knew that guys could be so moody?!

How is a guy more moody than me and I'M the one on the rag! UGH!

Still recovering from my trip to Miami this weekend. Got to see the boo and spent some QT together. Good times....

I'm taking a mental break today....cuz I'm T-I-RED!

Monday, April 6, 2009

B.lame it on the a.lcohol?...NAW, b.lame it on lack of good sense.

I may or may not have to break this post up into two different posts....depending on the amount of stuff.

Let's first turn our attention to my 'lil sis. To say I was heartbroken and disappointed would be an understatement. My middle sister called me and asked me if I had talked to our baby sis. I said "No, did something happen?". She proceeds by saying "E is pregnant". I swear I could hear my heart beating out loud. I told her I would call her back and called my baby sis. Of course her butt didn't pick up cuz I'm sure she thought I was gonna cuss at her.

Side note:I've become like the mother in my family, since my mom passed, as far as my siblings are concerned. They have no problem sharing good news with me. But when they do something that they know I'm not gonna approve of, I have to find out about it through another sibling.

So I sent her a text telling her that I wasn't mad at her and that I just wanted to talk to her. And whadaya know, she calls me back. So we're conversing and I ask her what she plans on doing. You would have thought I had asked the dumbest question known to man. She says "I'm gonna keep it, what do mean?" Ummm lets see, you're 18, your boyfriend is 21 with 3 babies already, you have a job that barely supports you let alone you AND a baby. And she's attending community college. I, in no way advocate ab0rtions but sometimes you have to see the situation for what it is. My sister is ridiculously smart and has so much going for herself. I went on to tell her that a baby is not a toy and how did she plan on taking care of this baby. Of course she didn't have definitive answer. All she knew was that she was going to make it work and she wasn't going to drop out of school.

After that, all I could do was let her know that I was there for her and that I would try to help her in any way that I can.

In some strange way, I feel like I failed my mother. My 'lil sis is my mom's baby. I couldn't get through to my other sister and my brother, but my 'lil sis seemed to get it. She excelled in school. Although she did get into trouble here and there, she always made her education her priority. I don't know, the whole situation just frustrates me *sigh*.

OK, on to my brother. He and I have the same father. So my brother comes into my room in couple weeks ago and told me he needed to talk to me and I say OK. He then tells me, that he has a baby on the way and that I can't tell anyone. After hearing about my sister, I was sure this was a joke. So my surprise quickly turned to anger, because I'm always preaching to my brother about wearing c0ndoms. His excuse was this was some girl he's knows since elementary school and they trust each other...yada yada yada. But they're not in a relationship though. WTF?! He was saying how he was trying to convince the girl to have an ab0rtion but she was leaning towards keeping the baby. He's a senior in high school and she's a junior.

So I asked him how he planned to provide for this child. This fool said "I'm gonna get a job". Like that's just the answer to everything. Anyone who knows anything about my little brother, knows that he is the laziest mofo ever to walk this earth. Hell, he even admits that he's lazy. He quit a job at Hardees after a couple weeks because they asked him to take out the trash!! So how is someone who doesn't like to work, still throws b1tch fits when he doesn't get what he want, has no inkling of the value of money supposed to provide for a child?

Someone please enlighten me, PLEASE!

UGH!! I'm annoyed!

My prayer: Lord, please help to speak out of love! Cuz if I say what I really think...boy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I been gone for a I'm back with the jump-off :)

I'm always messing up the words to a song, so those words in the title might be wrong...don't judge me! ;)

I've missed blogging. But I seem to have no real energy to do it. Must be my full-time job!!! lol Thank God for that.

New job...still getting to know my new 18 year-old sister is pregnant :/....then turn around to find out my 18 year-old brother (on my dad's side) knocked up some chick...just a bunch of mess.

I'll update on the happenings by the beginning of next week. Hope everyone's doing well.

Oh, and I miss Mike and his tomfoolery!

Friday, February 20, 2009

I got a jobby JOB!!

God is so Good!

I got the job that I wanted out of the two.

The only bad side is I can't start until March 6th, so I'll be home for 2 weeks. I figure I can do a little volunteering in that time.

AND I won't get my 1st paycheck for a month! How am I gonna live Lawd! lol

Thanks for the prayers guys! :)

Friday, February 13, 2009

I just feel like being RANDOM as hell!

1. What is wrong with little girls these days? Didn't anyone teach them how to be a lady? It's one thing to have fun, but it's another to be just plain obnoxious!

2. Why do weirdos insist on talking to me? If I have on my stunna shades <---lol and my IPOD in, obviously I'm not trying to be social.

3. Speaking of weirdos...I'm walking home Monday and this guy is walking towards me. As soon as he gets to where I am, he makes an about face and starts walking with me. Our conversation goes a little Something...Like...This

LALB: Lame A$$ Little Boy

LALB: What's up sexy? (I hate when guys greet me this way, UGH!!)
Me: (with the screw face AND attitude) Hey.
LALB: Where yo man at?
Me: He's in Miami
LALB: Can I have your number so I can call you sometime?
Me: I just told you I have a boyfriend.
LALB: I heard that part, but he's all the way in Miami.
Me: What does that mean?
LALB: Well can I give you my number?
Me: No, because I'm not going to call you.
LALB: D.amn it's like that?!
Me: Pretty much.
LALB: You mean I walked up here for nothing?
Me: Bye! (as he walks off)
LALB: You still sexy as hell though! (WTF?)

When I turned into my subdivision, I realized the little boy had parked his car in the front of my subdivision and walked up the hill to meet me. I didn't know it was that serious! This also kinda scared me, because just the day before an 11 year old girl had been kidnapped and raped after getting off the city bus. I've decided to get some Mase and possibly a Taser. These guys are crazy out here!

4. Why do guys pull out a wad of cash right before they try to talk to you? Do they think this is going to persuade me? And they wonder why they attract gold diggers! Thankfully, I'm not moved by money. This is such a turn-off.

5. Living with my family has been stressful as hell!!!! I'm not eating properly and I've lost weight since I've been here. My best friend saw me last weekend and said she's coming to get me and take me back to Gainesville LOL. I'm already skinny, I can't afford to lose anymore weight! :/

6. Why are relationships so hard?!?!? (Be careful what you ask God for, lol)

7. My S.O. has been offered an opportunity to play for an Arena football league, but I'm worried about him. He's already doing therapy twice a week on his back from problems stemming from college ball. He has a great job, but football is his what can I say?

8. Oh yea, I have an S.O...I'll have to update y'all on that later :)

9. Why does it feel totally pointless to go out these days?

10. I'm working on getting my non-profit's name incorporated. I know once I do that, it will feel more real to me. Maybe then I'll have more faith in myself.

11. I wonder if I can truly be a positive example for young women?

12. The lady that did my taxes was The ghettoest, most unsanitary lady EVER! She was eating a Butterfinger bar and she had the crumbs on her lips as she was talking to me. I'm guessing she was coming down with a cold and she kept breathing through her mouth...LOUDLY!! I don't like to smell other people's breath. AND then this heifer sneezed into OPEN air!!! UGH!!!! I wanted to scream! Granted she did turn around, but she made no moves to TRY and cover her mouth. I thought I was going to die!

13. Is it strange that I don't want a man anything like my father? My husband shall be on the OPPOSITE end of the spectrum from my father.

14. I've been so happy these past few weeks :). I've forced myself to stop worrying about things I can't is so much simpler! In return God has shown himself to be faithful. He's met me right where I needed him :)

That is all for now....GOOD NIGHT! :D

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pray for me please...

I had a job interview today and I think it went God willing I will have a better job really soon!!!!

I also had a phone interview yesterday for another the tides are turning in my favor y'all. So for those of you that pray, say a quick one for me.

'Preciate ya! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Miami...Bienvenido a Miami

Man, if I lived in Miami I wouldn't take life seriously :)

Imagine waking up to this everyday?

I was down in Miami last week for the BCS National Championship game. My Alma mater was playing and WON! :)

Miami is absolutely GORGEOUS!! The weather is beautiful, our hotel was right in the middle of everything, we were drinking at 11 am in the morning and laying out on the beach at will. That is the life.

We got to Miami Wednesday night. Immediately we go to the room and throw on a cute top and cute shoes and head outside. Since Wet Willies was right next door to our hotel, we didn't have to go far for a drink. I called my potential boo to let him know I was in town and he came to hang out. He got to meet my best friends and they liked him. He has yet to be completely vetted though. We basically just hung out on the strip and started conversations with the Oklahoma fans. I don't know what it was but those White and Latin men were acting like they'd never seen black women before. I think it was we were just that fine :).

Thursday we get up, throw on our bathing suits and head out to do a little sightseeing. Somehow we end up in Nine West and I do some damage :/. I'm a shoe junkie and I don't know how to stop myself, lol. After the retail therapy, we head to the beach and lay out. It was so relaxing. Nothing like laying out on the beach and it's not too hot and it's so breezy. Oh and the bathing suit I wore Thursday kept exposing my boob. I was flashing people the whole time we were there. I caught a girl staring one of those times lol. After our nap on the beach, we go back to the hotel and shower and I drop my best friend off at the stadium. My other best friend and I, her cousin and my potential boo headed to the Hard Rock Hotel to watch the game. We had a BALL!! Food, drinks AND football, what more could I need? :) After the game, all we could do was head back to the hotel and go to sleep! lol

The bathing suit that kept exposing my boob :/

Friday we headed to Wet Willies for some alcoholic slushies to start our day :)...I had a Call a Cab mixed with Sex on the Beach....SO GOOD!! I was tipsy by noon, lol. I hung out with the potential boo for a little bit, then joined my friends on the beach for a little relaxation before we got on the road.

Tipsy @ noon...I don't what I was dancing to, lol

All in all, it was a GREAT midweek vacay.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Obamas First Inaugural Dance LOVE IT!!!!! :)

I love the Obamas!! They are the cutest couple ever.

It's official, I'm looking for the Barack to my Michelle :)

I'm so proud of my country!


The Obamas First Inaugural Dance (VIDEO)

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Interviewed by Ieisha

1. If you want to participate, leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.” (And your e-mail address, please.)

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

1. Would you rather teenagers learned abstinence or safe sex?

Safe sex. What's the point in telling kids not to have sex when we know they're going to do it anyway. I have no problem with teaching abstinence, along with that we have to teach our children how to protect themselves just in case they don't feel that abstinence is the way to go. Instead of trying to force abstinence on our kids, we should give them options. I've done a couple research papers in college that showed the benefits of teaching safe sex. Our society needs to loosen up a little and work together to keep kids safe and baby-free :).

2. What is your relationship deal breaker?

A habitual liar. My mother always said "If you can lie, you can kill". That may seem a little extreme to some but that's how much she loathed lying. It kinda(well a lot) rubbed off on me. I've dismissed A LOT of dudes because I found out about their lies. Liars make my skin crawl

3. What was your moment in life that you KNEW you were an adult?

To be honest, it was right after my mother's death when I was 16. I was handed my social security card and my birth certificate by my aunt. Right then I knew I was responsible for my well being. When you become responsible for your own legal documents, you're on your own buddy!

4. What secret did you spill after you were sworn to not tell a soul? (We've all done it!)

I racked my brain trying to see if I had spilled a secret. I can honestly say I'm a good secret keeper, lol. Even after a friendship ends, I still feel a sense of loyalty as far as secrets go. I feel if someone trusted me enough to tell me something so personal, I should respect them enough to keep it confidential.

5. What is the first thing you notice on the opposite sex?

Smile!!! I am a SUCKER for beautiful teeth. A man could probably have a yuck face, but if his teeth are beautiful we can probably work out a friendship :). Beautiful teeth will cause a party in my panties WAAAY before a guy's face can, LOL.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


LOL, that pretty much sums up my whole post! :)

I had a BALL in Miami (the weather was to die for, sorry northerners :/)....Oklahoma fans were looking so sick (hehehe)

I'll be back with details from my midweek vacay.
Oh, and what is a "SOONER" anyway? lol
(How about them Gators Mike?)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a new season...

It's 2009, we're almost a decade into the 21st century.

Today's is my mommy's birthday and this year is the going to mark the ten year anniversary of her death. I can't believe it will be a decade since my mom passed in July. I was thinking of how my life has gone since my mom passed away and it's crazy. I always had to be the responsible one because I was the oldest, but I had to grow up hella fast after she died. She was no longer there to be my support system and to fix things when I couldn't do it on my own. I used wonder why God would take my mother away from me and my siblings. I realize now that her death made me so strong and resilient.

A Song For Mama - Boyz II Men

Despite the significance of this year, I just feel deep down that it's going to be a great year. I'm speaking it into the atmosphere. I'm going to take Dietrick Haddon's song and make it my mantra for the year. He performed at my church at this year and last year's watch night service. Great way to bring in the new year :).

Im Alive - Deitrick Haddon

I never really made new year's resolutions per se, but I always listed the things that I would try to get done in that year. This time around I decided that I wasn't going to wait until the new year to start doing what I needed to get done. Therefore, I paid off a huge chunk of my bad debt in the beginning of December and started cleaning up my credit. I also started my "bringing sexy back" workout a couple weeks ago. Trying to get these legs back in shape ;). I feel myself getting thick again, LOL.

If things go as planned, I should be buying my first (possibly more) piece of property in this year!! :) Pray for me.

I hope everyone's new year celebrations were fab :)