Monday, April 13, 2009


Who knew that guys could be so moody?!

How is a guy more moody than me and I'M the one on the rag! UGH!

Still recovering from my trip to Miami this weekend. Got to see the boo and spent some QT together. Good times....

I'm taking a mental break today....cuz I'm T-I-RED!

Monday, April 6, 2009

B.lame it on the a.lcohol?...NAW, b.lame it on lack of good sense.

I may or may not have to break this post up into two different posts....depending on the amount of stuff.

Let's first turn our attention to my 'lil sis. To say I was heartbroken and disappointed would be an understatement. My middle sister called me and asked me if I had talked to our baby sis. I said "No, did something happen?". She proceeds by saying "E is pregnant". I swear I could hear my heart beating out loud. I told her I would call her back and called my baby sis. Of course her butt didn't pick up cuz I'm sure she thought I was gonna cuss at her.

Side note:I've become like the mother in my family, since my mom passed, as far as my siblings are concerned. They have no problem sharing good news with me. But when they do something that they know I'm not gonna approve of, I have to find out about it through another sibling.

So I sent her a text telling her that I wasn't mad at her and that I just wanted to talk to her. And whadaya know, she calls me back. So we're conversing and I ask her what she plans on doing. You would have thought I had asked the dumbest question known to man. She says "I'm gonna keep it, what do mean?" Ummm lets see, you're 18, your boyfriend is 21 with 3 babies already, you have a job that barely supports you let alone you AND a baby. And she's attending community college. I, in no way advocate ab0rtions but sometimes you have to see the situation for what it is. My sister is ridiculously smart and has so much going for herself. I went on to tell her that a baby is not a toy and how did she plan on taking care of this baby. Of course she didn't have definitive answer. All she knew was that she was going to make it work and she wasn't going to drop out of school.

After that, all I could do was let her know that I was there for her and that I would try to help her in any way that I can.

In some strange way, I feel like I failed my mother. My 'lil sis is my mom's baby. I couldn't get through to my other sister and my brother, but my 'lil sis seemed to get it. She excelled in school. Although she did get into trouble here and there, she always made her education her priority. I don't know, the whole situation just frustrates me *sigh*.

OK, on to my brother. He and I have the same father. So my brother comes into my room in couple weeks ago and told me he needed to talk to me and I say OK. He then tells me, that he has a baby on the way and that I can't tell anyone. After hearing about my sister, I was sure this was a joke. So my surprise quickly turned to anger, because I'm always preaching to my brother about wearing c0ndoms. His excuse was this was some girl he's knows since elementary school and they trust each other...yada yada yada. But they're not in a relationship though. WTF?! He was saying how he was trying to convince the girl to have an ab0rtion but she was leaning towards keeping the baby. He's a senior in high school and she's a junior.

So I asked him how he planned to provide for this child. This fool said "I'm gonna get a job". Like that's just the answer to everything. Anyone who knows anything about my little brother, knows that he is the laziest mofo ever to walk this earth. Hell, he even admits that he's lazy. He quit a job at Hardees after a couple weeks because they asked him to take out the trash!! So how is someone who doesn't like to work, still throws b1tch fits when he doesn't get what he want, has no inkling of the value of money supposed to provide for a child?

Someone please enlighten me, PLEASE!

UGH!! I'm annoyed!

My prayer: Lord, please help to speak out of love! Cuz if I say what I really think...boy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I been gone for a I'm back with the jump-off :)

I'm always messing up the words to a song, so those words in the title might be wrong...don't judge me! ;)

I've missed blogging. But I seem to have no real energy to do it. Must be my full-time job!!! lol Thank God for that.

New job...still getting to know my new 18 year-old sister is pregnant :/....then turn around to find out my 18 year-old brother (on my dad's side) knocked up some chick...just a bunch of mess.

I'll update on the happenings by the beginning of next week. Hope everyone's doing well.

Oh, and I miss Mike and his tomfoolery!