Thursday, July 24, 2008

To club or not to club....that is the question.....

I went out with a couple of my besties this past weekend. Sooo yea, I think I'm gonna give up on going least for a little while.

First of all, we were waiting outside of the club for our other friend for like 15-20 minutes. Second, it looked like a club made especially for weirdos. I hate going to lame a$$ clubs. Luckily her boyfriend was getting us in free, and I don't usually turn down free....unless its that bad. So we get into the club and I'm having a good time with my girls in VIP. I look over and there's a girl getting down on the dance floor with NO shoes on! I was so disgusted. I couldn't believe this dirty foot would actually take her shoes off in the club. WTH?!

My friend's boyfriend's homeboy(<---lol) was trying to talk to me so we exchanged numbers and exchanged a few words. I noticed this dude giving me a weird look and I say "what?". He goes on to ask me if that was my real hair and I say yes. I guess that was the hook, line and sinker (or however that saying goes). The whole night he just kept saying "You have real hair", "I can't believe you have real hair". So I'm thinking chicks must only wear weaves these days, because this dude was too amazed LOL.

Oh, and I saw kids damn near having sex on the dance floor. This little girl (and I say little, because she had a side ponytail and it was poofy WTH?) had her guy friend sprawled out on the floor(yes, the dance floor) and they were "dancing". It looked more like she was riding him, but whatever. Ugh, these kids. They kill me! lol. I hope to only have sons, cuz if my daughters even think to commit such atrocities I will lock them away in a cave and throw away the key. Child Protective services be damned! lol

My friend who rode with me got a call from one of her ex-boyfriends who was outside of the club and she ends up going to get something to eat with him. She texted me to say that she would be back b4 the club closes, which was fine with me. Well, club closes and there's no sign of my homegirl. My other friend was with her boyfriend and his friend and their agent and their car was in the opposite direction of mine. So I told them I would be cool and proceeded to walk to my car. On the way to the car, I noticed this car full of guys to my left. I made sure not to make eye contact, cuz I didn't need any weirdos trying to talk to me. As I'm passing the car, I heard the usual "hey hey hey" or "hey girl, let me talk to ya"....but of course I kept walking. Then I hear this girl (I'm guessing she was in the back seat), "She has a nice a**!....She has a nice a**!". She must've said this like 5 times and loudly. I'm thinking, "Oh Lord"....not only do I have the crazy dudes trying to holla, now I have some crazy girl yelling mess at me too. I practically ran the rest of the way to my car, but not before being holla'd at like 10 more times. I have never been more happy to get in a car than I was that night.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BaBy ThUgS?!?!?!

What is with these young boys these days thinking it's cute to act like a thug? Last nite I got a friend request on Myspace from a shirtless 17 year old boy. I'm looking at the picture like, "who is this kid and why is he trying to be my friend?". I tried to look at his profile, but it was set to private. I don't approve anyone on myspace unless I know you, because they're are too many wackos out there. Anywho, he sent me a message asking if I remembered him and I said "I'm sorry, but no". He goes on to explain that he's my youngest brother's friend. When he told me his name, I nearly fell out of my seat. He didn't look the same and he was just all thugged out. I sat there thinking that "this is not the same little boy my little brother used to have play dates with and I used to make them sandwiches". It's safe to say I was baffled. So I look through the pictures and he has pictures of him with stacks of money and pictures of his homeboy with a gun (don't know what kind it was).

My concern is, why do these boys feel like they have to act this way? My brother is the same way. He wears his pants at his knees. Half the time I can't even understand him, cuz it doesn't sound like he's speaking English. The mess they're speaking these days isn't even Ebonics, I really don't know what it is. I'm always telling him to stop cursing, b/c every other word is a curse word and I don't play that. I mean I curse occasionally, but dang EVERY OTHER WORD just doesn't make any sense.

I feel like our youth are in a crisis situation and it's the responsibility of my peers(the ones that have good sense) to help enlighten them. A lot of them don't really know who they are as individuals, therefore they don't know who to be. So they emulate what they see on tv or in the streets. It really makes me sad. Most of their parents can't reach them because they feel like their parents don't understand. But if the 25+ age bracket could volunteer to mentor at least one lost teenager, the world would be a much better place.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Giiiiiiirl!! That's my song!

I'm so feeling this song right's so refreshing to have a new face on the music scene that's worth listening to.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chi-Town Lovin'

Just got back in to town from my trip to Chicago. I went to visit one of my bestest friends from high school and I went to explore the Taste of Chicago festival.

So if you're a food junkie like me and my bestie, you would have been in food HEAVEN!! LOL. I ate to the point of exhaustion. Fried mustard catfish, barbeque sandwiches, some kind of blue cheese and mustard steak burger (OMG!), oreo cheesecake with vanilla ice cream (yummmmm) and the list goes on and on. My exterior may not show it, but I love to eat. I may be a big girl trapped in a skinny girl's body! lol

I don't think I have the best traveling luck. I seemed to be getting the most obnoxious people sitting next to me on the plane. On the way to Chicago, I sat next to this lady and her toddler grandson. Her grandson would not sit still for nothing and his little butt just kept making noise. Mind you, it was a 7am flight and I hadn't gotten any sleep in over 24 hours! So you know I was mad as hell! On my plane ride back home, I got this old nasty man that just kept passing gas!! Like WTH!!! I kept giving him dirty looks, but he just wouldn't stop. Ugh!

Chicago was really kool man, especially the city....wasn't feeling the 'burbs too much. My bestie is on a mission to get me to move to the Chi, but I'm hesistant. I'm not the type to just pick up and leave. I like to let things marinate! I am in no way impulsive. I think this is God's way of saying, "Just step out on faith". I really have a hard time doing that. My lease is about to end at the end of July, so I might just say "what the heck" (so unlike me)

The night life was kool. Went to this club called Transit, definitely a nice spot. Next night went to Boutique, that was kool too. Despite seeing the some of the most tired females I've ever seen in my life, the club scene was kool. I think some chicks leave their house thinking, "Man, I'm gonna kill them with this outfit!!"....maybe genuinely not realizing that they look a hot doggone mess! I've come to the conclusion that those people do not have real friends. If I wouldn't wear something out, then I couldn't let my friend it out...and I will let them know that, even if it hurts a little.

Chicago drivers may be some of the craziest drivers I've seen. I think I'm pretty comfortable when it comes to driving on the highway, but from what I saw on the E-way in Chicago I would never drive there. I love my life and I sure do not want to die at the tender age of 25. In Chicago it is illegal to make a U-turn anywhere, but you're allowed to go over the median to get where you're going. WTH!! If that's not some of the most backwards stuff I ever heard in my life, I don't know what is. You're more likely to hit someone trying to cross over a median than you are making a perfectly safe U-turn. And the more I think about, going over a median is the same as making a U-turn only you're taking the risk of possibly messing up your car to make that U-turn. Chicago just seems to have to many driving rules, but I guess you need them with the way people drive up there. We take it easy down here in the south :).
More on my trip, when I think of more....