Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Never date a woman that isn't afraid to act ignant as SIN in public.

My lead was telling me about his ex girlfriend and her many antics. Every time this chick sees one his friends out, she bombards them with bad talk about him....but she could care less about him. Right. I never understood why men date these women that are so uncouth and have no tact. These are also the same women that love to call themselves "classy" o_O

I was always taught that family business stays in-house, that includes your issues with your boy/girlfriend. It's just not cute. Ugh, when will people learn?

Sidenote: I just had to check my sis on this on Facebook. Don't vent your frustrations out about your boyfriend on social networking sites. I politely called her butt and TOLD her to remove that status. I am her big sis after all :), gotta get her right my mama didn't raise us like that.

Men, choose your women carefully.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Man I miss blogging.

So much to say, rather write, but I can't get all of my thoughts together.

Be back tomorrow with some randomness.