Monday, September 21, 2009

Just a Quick update

I'm blogging with this mobile blogging thingy from my phone, so bare with me if the post comes out all weird or something...K? :)

So I am now a Miami resident. I am even thinking of changing the address on my driver's license, that makes me really nervous! The address on my license has been the same since I was 16...I guess in my mind it makes my move permanent. These past two weeks have been interesting to say the least.

The boo and I are trying rekindle our romance, so to speak, we have been broken up for two months. Haven't felt like talking about that situation at all, it made me extremely sad :-/. But now that we're in the same city, he seems to be making the effort. I care deeply for him, so I hope we get it together. He keeps making plans for us, but I'm hesitant because I'm scared. Matters of the heart are SO scary! Ugh (<---Dang, I didn't mean to write that much about him)

I have family drama out the wazoo! Ugh! So glad to be out back on my own again! I am not meant to live with anyone else. I walk around nakeed constantly and I LOVE it!!! Lol

I like my new office. Its smaller but more intimate, so I like it.I love the area that I live in. Its not the city part and I like it that way.

I'll elaborate more in a few days.

*Miami folk are so different and interesting, lol

My prayer: Lord please help me to make the most of this opportunity!