Friday, February 13, 2009

I just feel like being RANDOM as hell!

1. What is wrong with little girls these days? Didn't anyone teach them how to be a lady? It's one thing to have fun, but it's another to be just plain obnoxious!

2. Why do weirdos insist on talking to me? If I have on my stunna shades <---lol and my IPOD in, obviously I'm not trying to be social.

3. Speaking of weirdos...I'm walking home Monday and this guy is walking towards me. As soon as he gets to where I am, he makes an about face and starts walking with me. Our conversation goes a little Something...Like...This

LALB: Lame A$$ Little Boy

LALB: What's up sexy? (I hate when guys greet me this way, UGH!!)
Me: (with the screw face AND attitude) Hey.
LALB: Where yo man at?
Me: He's in Miami
LALB: Can I have your number so I can call you sometime?
Me: I just told you I have a boyfriend.
LALB: I heard that part, but he's all the way in Miami.
Me: What does that mean?
LALB: Well can I give you my number?
Me: No, because I'm not going to call you.
LALB: D.amn it's like that?!
Me: Pretty much.
LALB: You mean I walked up here for nothing?
Me: Bye! (as he walks off)
LALB: You still sexy as hell though! (WTF?)

When I turned into my subdivision, I realized the little boy had parked his car in the front of my subdivision and walked up the hill to meet me. I didn't know it was that serious! This also kinda scared me, because just the day before an 11 year old girl had been kidnapped and raped after getting off the city bus. I've decided to get some Mase and possibly a Taser. These guys are crazy out here!

4. Why do guys pull out a wad of cash right before they try to talk to you? Do they think this is going to persuade me? And they wonder why they attract gold diggers! Thankfully, I'm not moved by money. This is such a turn-off.

5. Living with my family has been stressful as hell!!!! I'm not eating properly and I've lost weight since I've been here. My best friend saw me last weekend and said she's coming to get me and take me back to Gainesville LOL. I'm already skinny, I can't afford to lose anymore weight! :/

6. Why are relationships so hard?!?!? (Be careful what you ask God for, lol)

7. My S.O. has been offered an opportunity to play for an Arena football league, but I'm worried about him. He's already doing therapy twice a week on his back from problems stemming from college ball. He has a great job, but football is his what can I say?

8. Oh yea, I have an S.O...I'll have to update y'all on that later :)

9. Why does it feel totally pointless to go out these days?

10. I'm working on getting my non-profit's name incorporated. I know once I do that, it will feel more real to me. Maybe then I'll have more faith in myself.

11. I wonder if I can truly be a positive example for young women?

12. The lady that did my taxes was The ghettoest, most unsanitary lady EVER! She was eating a Butterfinger bar and she had the crumbs on her lips as she was talking to me. I'm guessing she was coming down with a cold and she kept breathing through her mouth...LOUDLY!! I don't like to smell other people's breath. AND then this heifer sneezed into OPEN air!!! UGH!!!! I wanted to scream! Granted she did turn around, but she made no moves to TRY and cover her mouth. I thought I was going to die!

13. Is it strange that I don't want a man anything like my father? My husband shall be on the OPPOSITE end of the spectrum from my father.

14. I've been so happy these past few weeks :). I've forced myself to stop worrying about things I can't is so much simpler! In return God has shown himself to be faithful. He's met me right where I needed him :)

That is all for now....GOOD NIGHT! :D


  1. 1. Times have change.

    2. You are just too cute thats why.

    3. LMAO!

    4. Lol, cause thats there way of showing you that they are not a broke dude trying to get something for nothing, it used to work in the past, hell it still works with some women.

    6. Becuase everybody works against each other.

    7. Sounds like you should keep your fingers crossed.

    9. Same old thing just different people and places.

    10. Good luck.

    11. The fact that you think that puts you ahead of the game.

    12. Ewww.

    13. Whats wrong with your dad?

    14. Good for you.

  2. I found you on someone else's page and I read through some of your postings and I am intrigued..being of haitian blood myself I know what you mean.. you want someone totally opposite of your father, uncles, cousins and what not.. I'm don't want a Haitian PERIOD!! (well maybe for just the Kompas dancing but thats about it) Living with the parentals is always hard, they never really want to let go! They find it hard even as you're an adult.

    Let go and Let God, whatever he has in store will come to pass and though it will be a struggle believe that at the end of it all it will work cause God works wonders.. Keep up with the great posts.. I will definitely keep you on my blog roll!

  3. whats wrong with pops?

    and wierdos attract wierdos lmao

    joking folk

  4. @ Mike: My dad is selfish, manipulating, only does things that benefit him, doesn't know the word "faithful" exists and that's the short list. So it's safe that I want no part of that.

    @Ms. Liryc: Thanks for stopping by :)! My dad once told me even when I'm 50 I'll still be 5 years old in his eyes :/. I'm slowly learn to let go and let God and it feels good.

    @T: I've missed you! And I am not a weirdo!! Lol...maybe different, but not a weirdo :)


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