Friday, June 6, 2008

So my Lakers lost :-(...

The Lakers relinquished the first game of the finals last night. I am really sad about it...but I can't even front on the Celtics, they did the darn thing. Especially KG, that man is a quote my best friend :-). He couldn't seem to miss. And I feel bad for saying this, but I was kinda hoping Paul Pierce wouldn't be able to come back in the game after he sprained his ankle. *hangs head in shame* I KNOW :/.
Oh well, I still believe my Lakers can win this 'ship in 7.
I've been defending my team for a few years now and we deserve it. Especially Kobe, b/c no one thought he could get a ring without Shaq. He has improved leaps and bounds as a person and as a ball player. I wait for the day that I can laugh in all of the faces of the Laker Haters!
Although KG deserves a ring, he just doesn't deserve this one :-). Maybe next year homie.


  1. GO celtics...

    Sorry... i had to do that... kobe was playing dirty last night... did you see him poke paul pierce in the eye after he had just came back on the court from injuring his knee... just wrong

  2. Eb-- You are banned from saying "go celtics" within 100 feet of my blog, LOL :-)


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