Wednesday, November 19, 2008

When it hurts so bad...

"I don't know why your heart doesn't do what your mind tells it". Brown Sugar

The truest words ever spoken in a movie.

It really sucks when you really care for someone and the feelings aren't reciprocated. I know that it's my fault, I knew what the situation was and I allowed myself to fall. I don't understand how I let this happen.

I hate that I overanalyze EVERYTHING! It makes it so hard to just move past things and people and get over it. So frustrating...

I don't know how many times I've watched this Madea clip and listened to this Lauryn Hill song tonight.

Alas, I guess I'll have to be sad for awhile. I hate being sad, it's so draining.


  1. dont be sad and i feel u . u have to move on thats what i did, and n ow the ex be trying to hug me and texting me like missing u much and wanna get back together - me no moon wlak thats for usher

  2. We all fall for the wrong ones more than once before we find that right one.

    It what happens when you have a big heart.

  3. You know I understand your pain. Dealing with the frogs only helps you realize when the prince does come around.

    Keep the faith!!!!!

  4. So much truth in this short post... I overanalyze everything too... now I am really at odds because the dude knows it and tells me it everytime I leave the door cracked... which pissed me off... lucky for me I haven't quite fallen yet... I'm waiting for him to get his feet out of the cement before I open the door all the way... Good luck with your situation missy

  5. @T: Moving on is what I'm tryin to do

    @Mike: I hate having a big heart sometimes

    @Ieisha: *pumping my fist* :)

    @Eb: thanks lady :)

  6. HEllo Mimi,

    Thank You for stopping by my blogspot!!
    how did you find me?

    I read your piece and think its time to embrace the characteristics that make you the person that you are. The heart is a a muscle that pumps blood to various areas through out the body so that we can LIVE!! now that you've had this short science lesson.

    Its TiMe for You to LIVE!! Forgetting the past is a difficult thing for many but with practice you can Forgive and not Forget. Forgetting doesnt mean that a person does not remember, its something that was misplaced for example memory.

    Forgetting will not ease the hurt and pain but not forgeting can make you strong. I look at not forgetting as "PREVENTION EDUCATION" you can learn what you will not accept because of past experiences. Enhale those feelings in look at all the positivity around you now!! LIFE IS GREAT despite what you went through.

    It's now time to find that new song in your life that can energize you, motivate you! BIG hearts do exist and there's nothing wrong with them one thing you may not know is that we all Have BIG HEARTS we justbdont show every one all the time!!

    songs that are true and may fit the moment FEAR by Jazmine Sullivan
    Chasing Pavments by Adele
    Delayed Devotion by Duffy

    Dont let the Fear that jazimine sullivan was talking abt stop you from finding your light because chasing pavments like adele may lead you down the road where your prince awaits because of delayed devotion!


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