Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I ain't Haitian!!

I'm on the phone with my sister the other night and somehow we get to talking about my bummy @$$ brother (more on that later), which in turn gets us to talking about my 2 nieces (his daughters).

'Lil History: So Haitian guy meets white woman with FIVE kids from previous man (who's now in jail) and has 2 more little girls.

That's was the short version. I'm blogging from my sidekick, so I'm being lazy.

So anywho, my sister is telling me about my older niece who doesn't like to be called Haitian. She throws a fit and cries whenever someone calls her Haitian. AND yells, "I'm not Haitian!!". Of course I'm thinking WTF?!

Apparently her older siblings, who are also half black, thinks its fun to make fun of her cuz along with her blackness she's Haitian.

To say I was baffled AND angry would be an understatement. I was ready to drive down where my brother lives and give my niece's older siblings a piece of my mind. I don't give a d@mn that they're kids. How do you torment your own sibling like that?

That conversation just took me back to the days when we (me and my Haitian friends) would get picked on simply because we were Haitian. Kindergariiden and 1st grade I used to let people get away with it. But after that I grew some balls and started backing mofos down and daring them to make fun of me.

I see I'm gonna have to go get my nieces for the holiday and teach them how to be proud of their culture. Besides stressing how important eduacation, my mother stressed to us the importance of being proud of who we were. Haitian people are strong, resilient and hard-working people. My niece's siblings should be so lucky to be a part of my culture! Hmph!

I hate ignorant people. I hope they don't turn out to be ignorant people! Maybe I need to cuss my brother's baby mama out for not correcting her kids. Yea, maybe that's what I'll do.


  1. Thats the type of ish that makes me want to slap the hell out of some one.

    You should of rode on their butts like an avenger!

    This is the reason I feel that Haitian history needs to be drilled into the heads of the youth so they know what kind og people they come from instead of buying into this propaganda that is fed to the people.

    Let me get out of here before I start tripping.

  2. LMBO!! I can feel your anger through the screen!

    Yea, things like this make my blood boil! >:(

  3. lol...they just need a lesson in Aiyti 101

    i've never been one to go around publicly repin Haiti, but after witnessing several friends & family members claiming other countries i figured wth? if they're bold enough to rep somewhere they're not even from then i can go on about repin Haiti to the fullest & i've been doing so ever since.


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