Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Got an APARTMENT!!!! :)

I just got word this morning that I was approved for my apartment!

That was my biggest worry as far as my move is concerned. Now that I know where I'm going to live, I just need to figure how I'm gonna get my stuff down to Miami :). I absolutely hate moving! Every time I had to move in college, it just made me want to throw everything away and start over.

But moving is good way to purge though. I throw a lot of things away simply because I don't feel like packing it. The homeless shelter usually makes out good with all the clothes and shoes, lol.

Winning the Lottery right now would be the greatest thing ever! lol.

I'm going through this phase where I feel like changing my phone number. Just start fresh with my new move and only inform those that really need to know. I've had my current phone number since my freshman year in college, 7 years, and I just feel like a change. I also want to cut all my hair off and just start over, natural though. I've never even given going natural any serious thought.

Can I really go Natural?!?!? :-/

I don't know what I'm going through, maybe it's the move.

Prayers would be appreciated, for those of you that pray. Truth be told, I'm scared sh!tless about this move. I have tons of friends from college down there and one of my best friends, but I'm scared of the unknown. On the flip side, I'm ridiculously excited about the possibilities. Is that weird?

I'll be back to let you guys in on the personal side. Haven't done one of those posts in a minute. Hope everyone's doing great! :)


  1. I pray that your move was successful. This is my first time at your blog so I'll take time to get to know you.

    You are in my prayers. New Beginnings are sometimes just what we need.

  2. Thanks for stopping by HG! :) My move went really smoothly...prayers are definitely appreciated and needed.


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