Saturday, July 25, 2009

Remember When....

I said, if I lived in Miami I wouldn't take life seriously? Well it looks like I'm going to get my chance to not take life seriously!!! :) I'm so excited! :)

A few weeks ago, I noticed that a position opened up in my department down in Miami and I went to talk to my Bureau Chief about it. I let him know my interest. He basically let me know that they were just moving some people around, but they were still obligated to post the position. But he let me know that my same position would be open in Miami and it would also set me up to move up faster. I told him cool, I'll take it!

This spur of the moment decision is SO not me! But I felt that I needed to take that chance and go for it. So my boss informed me last week that if I wanted the position it was mine.

I'm so excited, scared, apprehensive...everything! I've been searching for apartments like crazy. It's so hard :-/. I want to live in a good area that's affordable.

So yea, I'm moving to Miami and I can't believe I'm actually taking this jump.

Wish me luck! :)


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