Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Was....

Great this year. I did a ridiculous amount of driving, but it was worth it. I stopped off on my way to Orlando to give my two nieces from my brother and my niece from my sister their gifts. And I informed my siblings that now that they have babies, they will no longer receive gifts lol. I only care about the babies getting gifts for Christmas. I just counted how many siblings I have for sure, and the count is at 13! Wth? Who's gonna buy gifts for 13 siblings, NOT I! My mother had 6 kids including me and my dad has 7 that we know of. He might have some others scattered around. My dad put the "rolling" in the P.apa was a rolling stone phrase.

After I dropped off the gifts I continued on in my journey to Orlando Friday night. And apparently I'm being courted because I was surprised with tickets the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics game on Christmas Day!!! What a gift? He's knows I love sports, mainly football, but basketball is up there too. We had such a good time. I was looking like one of the girls who doesn't even watch sports though. I was in 5 inch heels navigating the Amway Arena because I wasn't told where I was going. I was told to dress casual and that I could wear my heels (casual for me is skinny jeans, cute top and 4+ inch heels). I kept feeling like I was gonna bust my behind going up and down those steep steps. All of the other women were in flats and casual jeans :). Ah well, I have to be cute wherever I go. We then went to dinner. After dinner we went home to change and went to a gathering of old classmates from high school and college. It was so nice. They guys were in suits and the ladies in their nice dresses. My kinda shindig. Our view from our seats

Sunday I attended the wedding of one of my high school homies. It was very nice affair held at the W.yndham hotel. The bride's gown was custom-made and Red! Very bold! But she pulled it off well. Now her bridesmaids, ugh, that was another story. Most of those chicks were a hot ghetto MESS! There were tattoos everywhere and possibly bullet wounds. She picked the dress that is convertible and everyone could make their own. One chick chose to have her belly hanging out with the biggest stomach tattoo I've EVER seen on a woman. It was quite disgusting to say the least, because she definitely didn't have a six-pack. Who does that??? All in all it was good to see old high school friends and "The Boys" as our group of guy friends are affectionately called.

My bestie, that lives in Miami, didn't want to get on the road after wedding so we decided to get on the road in the morning. My bestie, from Tallahassee, that I haven't seen since Memorial weekend were up talking until 2 o'clock in the morning. And I had to be up at 4:45 to be on the road by 5:30am. Need to say, I've been a walking zombie at work today.

Loved my weekend though *sigh*


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time on Christmas! And bball tickets on Christmas Day? Niiiiiice!

    I'm really curious to see the red wedding dress. I'm totally against wearing white and red is my fave color. Hadn't considered wearing it but would be interesting to see the style and what not.

  2. Yes Ieisha, it was definitely a FAB Christmas :). I couldn't believe he got us those tickets, best gift ever!

    Her dress was really nice and red is my homie's favorite color which is why she chose the color. I'll post a pic when I get one. My phone died during the reception.

  3. "And I informed my siblings that now that they have babies, they will no longer receive gifts lol."

    HAHAHA! I love it - hilarious.

    Glad you had a blessed holiday. :)

  4. Hi Jelisa!! Welcome! Yea, I can't afford to buy ALL of my siblings gifts, so I'll settle for my nieces and nephew.

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  6. I've only read through a few of your entries, but sounds like you're a Christian with a very large family! Blessings!

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  8. @Norma Hello, thanks for stopping by. I am Christian with a large family :)

    @Porcupinetaxi :)


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