Thursday, December 23, 2010


So this Christmas season has begun with a kick. I get a call this morning from a 1800 number and when I g.oogle that number it says it's a scam from W.achovia. But one (a few) of the comments said that it was not a scam and that it was the fraud department alerting you about your account. So I immediately go to my online banking and sure enough someone used my card to make a purchase at the W.almart on the other side of Miami. Saw I go into crazy work mind you. I call Wachovia and kept getting sent, by the humans, to this automated system. So when I finally got a human for the 3rd time, I was feeling like a bank robber "Just put the money back in my account and nobody gets hurt" Lol I had to go down to a branch on my break and sign a document and pull out some money so that I'll money for my drive up home to Orlando. Needless to say, my nerves were shot by noon.

Mess like this really pisses me off. People like me work hard (2 jobs) for my money and then you have some loser going behind my back and stealing it. Then the part that kills me is, they're not buying groceries to feed their family, they're going to W.almart and buying out the Electronics department!! Absolute ignorance! Ugh. I need to pray, cuz this world is not right.

Anywho, have a Merry Christmas out there in blog world. Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season!! :)

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