Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chi-Town Lovin'

Just got back in to town from my trip to Chicago. I went to visit one of my bestest friends from high school and I went to explore the Taste of Chicago festival.

So if you're a food junkie like me and my bestie, you would have been in food HEAVEN!! LOL. I ate to the point of exhaustion. Fried mustard catfish, barbeque sandwiches, some kind of blue cheese and mustard steak burger (OMG!), oreo cheesecake with vanilla ice cream (yummmmm) and the list goes on and on. My exterior may not show it, but I love to eat. I may be a big girl trapped in a skinny girl's body! lol

I don't think I have the best traveling luck. I seemed to be getting the most obnoxious people sitting next to me on the plane. On the way to Chicago, I sat next to this lady and her toddler grandson. Her grandson would not sit still for nothing and his little butt just kept making noise. Mind you, it was a 7am flight and I hadn't gotten any sleep in over 24 hours! So you know I was mad as hell! On my plane ride back home, I got this old nasty man that just kept passing gas!! Like WTH!!! I kept giving him dirty looks, but he just wouldn't stop. Ugh!

Chicago was really kool man, especially the city....wasn't feeling the 'burbs too much. My bestie is on a mission to get me to move to the Chi, but I'm hesistant. I'm not the type to just pick up and leave. I like to let things marinate! I am in no way impulsive. I think this is God's way of saying, "Just step out on faith". I really have a hard time doing that. My lease is about to end at the end of July, so I might just say "what the heck" (so unlike me)

The night life was kool. Went to this club called Transit, definitely a nice spot. Next night went to Boutique, that was kool too. Despite seeing the some of the most tired females I've ever seen in my life, the club scene was kool. I think some chicks leave their house thinking, "Man, I'm gonna kill them with this outfit!!"....maybe genuinely not realizing that they look a hot doggone mess! I've come to the conclusion that those people do not have real friends. If I wouldn't wear something out, then I couldn't let my friend it out...and I will let them know that, even if it hurts a little.

Chicago drivers may be some of the craziest drivers I've seen. I think I'm pretty comfortable when it comes to driving on the highway, but from what I saw on the E-way in Chicago I would never drive there. I love my life and I sure do not want to die at the tender age of 25. In Chicago it is illegal to make a U-turn anywhere, but you're allowed to go over the median to get where you're going. WTH!! If that's not some of the most backwards stuff I ever heard in my life, I don't know what is. You're more likely to hit someone trying to cross over a median than you are making a perfectly safe U-turn. And the more I think about, going over a median is the same as making a U-turn only you're taking the risk of possibly messing up your car to make that U-turn. Chicago just seems to have to many driving rules, but I guess you need them with the way people drive up there. We take it easy down here in the south :).
More on my trip, when I think of more....


  1. Girl, you talking about my city?!?!? Lol...I understand your pain though. I was born and raised in the Windy City.

    The Taste of Chicago is FANTASTIC!!! Ooh....the food! Good Lawd! Did you get to see Stevie perform?

    The clubs...are cool but after a while, you'll want to switch it up b/c you'll start to see the repeat cycle of "beat up and banged up" sistas walking through the spot like they are THE deal. Uh, not so much. As you said, they have no true friends. Or their true friends are in an equally bad outfit right next to them and in that case, it's the blind leading the blind.

    And driving...you gotta have the Chi-town mentality to be on the roads out there. The expressways have a speed limit of 45 but you'll never catch anybody doing less than 70.

    The Bulls new rookie just got a $1000 speeding ticket in the Chicago area for doing 106 mph!

    Make sure you got on a seatbelt and your last will and testament is current before you head out in those streets!

  2. you cant drive over a median in chicago you'll fuck up your car!!! and we bust U's everywhere thats why its called a Chicano U-Turn (for the hispanics like me)!!! And what day were you at the taste of chicago, we might have been there on the same day. Did you go before or after the day the niggas got shot up there? And yea, the burbs are not recommended, they boring as fuck. Chicago is where is at!!! Not hard to see why its the best city in the whole wide wide world.

    118 Chicago born and raised

  3. I am soooo jealous... I wanted to go but I just came from Chicago a couple weeks ago so I thought it was a bit much. CHi in the summer is so gorgeous... I love that city... I wish the winters weren't so brutal or I would considering moving there.

    I cant stand babies on the plane. I swear they should have flights specifically for those traveling with kids so they can all be on the same flight screaming and hollering and carrying on...

    Oh and thx for not showing pics of any food... some other tastes of chicago'ers posted pics... just rude... knowing I am greedy...lol

  4. -Ieisha: I didn't get to see Stevie, cuz we went to do some shopping and didn't get back in time. And yea, that Chicago driving is NOT for me LOL.

    -One: I went to the taste on the 27th and the 28th. I was long gone by the time they shot anybody...thank God.

    -Eb: LOL @ you. Those types of kids make me not want to have any rugrats, lol. And I was too busy eating to take pictures of the food. I don't have time for the foolishness when I'm eating :)


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