Thursday, July 24, 2008

To club or not to club....that is the question.....

I went out with a couple of my besties this past weekend. Sooo yea, I think I'm gonna give up on going least for a little while.

First of all, we were waiting outside of the club for our other friend for like 15-20 minutes. Second, it looked like a club made especially for weirdos. I hate going to lame a$$ clubs. Luckily her boyfriend was getting us in free, and I don't usually turn down free....unless its that bad. So we get into the club and I'm having a good time with my girls in VIP. I look over and there's a girl getting down on the dance floor with NO shoes on! I was so disgusted. I couldn't believe this dirty foot would actually take her shoes off in the club. WTH?!

My friend's boyfriend's homeboy(<---lol) was trying to talk to me so we exchanged numbers and exchanged a few words. I noticed this dude giving me a weird look and I say "what?". He goes on to ask me if that was my real hair and I say yes. I guess that was the hook, line and sinker (or however that saying goes). The whole night he just kept saying "You have real hair", "I can't believe you have real hair". So I'm thinking chicks must only wear weaves these days, because this dude was too amazed LOL.

Oh, and I saw kids damn near having sex on the dance floor. This little girl (and I say little, because she had a side ponytail and it was poofy WTH?) had her guy friend sprawled out on the floor(yes, the dance floor) and they were "dancing". It looked more like she was riding him, but whatever. Ugh, these kids. They kill me! lol. I hope to only have sons, cuz if my daughters even think to commit such atrocities I will lock them away in a cave and throw away the key. Child Protective services be damned! lol

My friend who rode with me got a call from one of her ex-boyfriends who was outside of the club and she ends up going to get something to eat with him. She texted me to say that she would be back b4 the club closes, which was fine with me. Well, club closes and there's no sign of my homegirl. My other friend was with her boyfriend and his friend and their agent and their car was in the opposite direction of mine. So I told them I would be cool and proceeded to walk to my car. On the way to the car, I noticed this car full of guys to my left. I made sure not to make eye contact, cuz I didn't need any weirdos trying to talk to me. As I'm passing the car, I heard the usual "hey hey hey" or "hey girl, let me talk to ya"....but of course I kept walking. Then I hear this girl (I'm guessing she was in the back seat), "She has a nice a**!....She has a nice a**!". She must've said this like 5 times and loudly. I'm thinking, "Oh Lord"....not only do I have the crazy dudes trying to holla, now I have some crazy girl yelling mess at me too. I practically ran the rest of the way to my car, but not before being holla'd at like 10 more times. I have never been more happy to get in a car than I was that night.


  1. Sounds like you had an adventure. :)

  2. Lol, adventure doesn't even begin to describe it :)

  3. jsut checking in on ya missy since its been a minute since you posted!

  4. Thanks for checking in has been a minute huh? I've just been on this job search heavy, I can't even focus on anything else. You would think being jobless would enable me to blog more, LOL :)

  5. Okay you actually have a phatty? :) If so, can you actually blame Sunshine for mentioning it? It sounds as though she couldn't help herself, and in that case, rest assured if you can't find a job in the business world, you will probably be cool! Have a good one and write more.


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