Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ask not what your community can do for you...ask what you can do for your community.

Yesterday I was talking to my brother about my job search, well really complaining. I've been working since I was 16, I don't know how to be unemployed. Guess that means I wasn't meant to be a stay at home mom, LOL. What's really freaking me out is not being able to provide for myself or being able to purchase something if I really wanted to.

Although I do have the chance to employ a sugar daddy, the thought of depending on a man makes me want to dry heave. Plus the thought of using someone simply for financial reasons goes against everything I know. Growing up my mother always taught my sisters and I that we shouldn't take money from men. My uncles weren't even allowed to give us money....they had to give her the cash and she would give it to us. Strange I KNOW, but it stuck with me. That's why I can't for the life of me understand why females throw themselves at a man simply because he has money :/ *shudders*, but that's a whole other post in itself.

Oh yea, so my brother and I are talking and in the midst of my complaining he asks, "What happened to you wanting to start your non profit organization?". I pause, and say "Yea, that's still the plan". And he asks, "well, when do you plan on starting it?". I paused yet again and it got me to thinking. I'm sitting here waiting on someone else to GIVE me a job, when I can get to working on starting my own organization. It had to be God himself talking.

I'm such a planner, the stars have to be aligned perfectly for me to do anything. My plan was to work for a year, do a bit a of volunteering, take the GRE and apply for grad school for next fall. But that's MY plan, what are God's plans? I feel him pushing me to step out on faith, but I just don't know where to even begin. And I'm kinda scared...well A LOT scared. I wonder if I'm going to be successful. I wonder if I can really make an impact on my community. I wonder if I can a positive role model for young ladies in my community. (I'm starting to sound like Carrie Bradshaw, LOL) Seriously though, I want to help encourage young girls, especially young black girls. I feel like a lot of them are missing the love, attention and encouragement that they so desperately need. I don't claim to know the cure, but with God's guidance, help and strength I know I can work miracles.

That talk with my brother helped to realize that I should stop talking about it and seriously be about it. I've never considered myself lazy, but when it comes to this topic I guess I was being a LITTLE lazy and apprehensive. God willing, by this time next year maybe you guys (all 3 of you, lol) will be reading about my non profit organization.

So if anyone who reads this has any advice, it will be welcomed warmly :)


  1. No sugar daddies. Yuck.

    As for the non-profit, DO IT!

    My bff wants to run a non-profit but she hasn't done anything in that direction. She's had that dream since we were in college. We graduated in 2003.

    Don't let the time fly by. I think an organization that empowers women, encourages young girls and builds their self-esteem can only do good in this world. There will always be negative images of us displayed by our own people as well as others.

    Your organization IS needed. Do it!!

    As for advice, I'd say read up on starting non-profits and then begin from the ground up. For some encouraging words, Russell Simmons' book, Do You is a good one.

    I look forward to reading about your organization!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words Ieisha! :) I've already starting looking online for resources on starting a non profit.

    I'll go look for Russell's book this weekend.

  3. Sit down and write a plan for your non-profit and then get the ball rolling and start doing like your brother said--have your actions move you forward to your goal.

    Go for it!!!

  4. i just wanna know who is carrie bradshaw? and blame my folk Ieisha for the drive by

  5. @Torrance: lol, Carrie Bradshaw is Sarah Jessica Parker's character in Sex and the City.

    And thanks to Ieisha for bringing some traffic my way :)

  6. Go for those dreams, there are no do-overs in life. Live big.


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