Thursday, September 11, 2008

McCain thinks the American people have "Boo Boo the Fool" stamped on our Forehead

I was sent an email with a link of several interviews and press statements that John McCain has done. This man has literally contradicted himself in every television appearance that he's made. I knew this man was a liar when he started talking about "change" at the RNC. Change? Really McCain? When this man has clearly stated that he has no plans of withdrawing our troops out of Iraq and no plans of weening our country off of this oil. He's made it clear that he sees no problems with Bush's policies and all of sudden he's trying to distance himself from Bush at the RNC? I call BULLSH!T!! I'm convinced this man is the anti-christ, LOL.

Well here's the video, judge for yourselves:

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  1. Either he is willing to do and say anything to get the win or Obama has his camp not knowing up from down or this dude is senile, regardless I dont want him near the white house.


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