Thursday, January 22, 2009

Welcome to Miami...Bienvenido a Miami

Man, if I lived in Miami I wouldn't take life seriously :)

Imagine waking up to this everyday?

I was down in Miami last week for the BCS National Championship game. My Alma mater was playing and WON! :)

Miami is absolutely GORGEOUS!! The weather is beautiful, our hotel was right in the middle of everything, we were drinking at 11 am in the morning and laying out on the beach at will. That is the life.

We got to Miami Wednesday night. Immediately we go to the room and throw on a cute top and cute shoes and head outside. Since Wet Willies was right next door to our hotel, we didn't have to go far for a drink. I called my potential boo to let him know I was in town and he came to hang out. He got to meet my best friends and they liked him. He has yet to be completely vetted though. We basically just hung out on the strip and started conversations with the Oklahoma fans. I don't know what it was but those White and Latin men were acting like they'd never seen black women before. I think it was we were just that fine :).

Thursday we get up, throw on our bathing suits and head out to do a little sightseeing. Somehow we end up in Nine West and I do some damage :/. I'm a shoe junkie and I don't know how to stop myself, lol. After the retail therapy, we head to the beach and lay out. It was so relaxing. Nothing like laying out on the beach and it's not too hot and it's so breezy. Oh and the bathing suit I wore Thursday kept exposing my boob. I was flashing people the whole time we were there. I caught a girl staring one of those times lol. After our nap on the beach, we go back to the hotel and shower and I drop my best friend off at the stadium. My other best friend and I, her cousin and my potential boo headed to the Hard Rock Hotel to watch the game. We had a BALL!! Food, drinks AND football, what more could I need? :) After the game, all we could do was head back to the hotel and go to sleep! lol

The bathing suit that kept exposing my boob :/

Friday we headed to Wet Willies for some alcoholic slushies to start our day :)...I had a Call a Cab mixed with Sex on the Beach....SO GOOD!! I was tipsy by noon, lol. I hung out with the potential boo for a little bit, then joined my friends on the beach for a little relaxation before we got on the road.

Tipsy @ noon...I don't what I was dancing to, lol

All in all, it was a GREAT midweek vacay.


  1. So jealous of the weather.

    Is the guy in the photo the potential boo?

    So so jealous. (yeah, I had to say it again, lol)

  2. @T: Thanks :)...Indeed, it is sun

    @Ieisha: No, he's my best friend's cousin. The potential boo isn't gonna make an appearence for a while...until I'm sure :). Don't be jealous...I feel bad for the northerners :/

  3. You just had to talk about the weather huh?

  4. Sorry Mike...I'll try not to do it again :D


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