Sunday, June 5, 2011

This is for Eye-EE-Sha! LOL

This post is for you :)

I was kinda quick in my last post but it was mainly because I was crazy sleepy and trying to procrastinate on writing my personal statement.

The 1st question, my natural journey. I didn't have a crazy mishap such as my hair falling out or burning off. As you can see by the picture on the right side of my blog, my hair grows with no problem. I happen to run across MopTopMaven's channel in late December and I was mesmerized by her hair and remembered when I had long, thick beautiful hair like hers. I asked myself "Why do I keep burning my scalp with relaxers?" I decided that day that I was gonna go natural. I told my bestie on gchat and she had mixed reactions, which was fine by me. I asked my boo at the time how he felt about having a bald chick on his arm and he said he could handle it as long as I could, that's all the encouragement I needed. I planned on transitioning until my birthday in May but by January I was tired of dealing with the 2 textures, so I called my stylist up and set an appointment for February 11th. I think I spent the entire month of January watching videos. I soaked in so much information, so I could know what I was getting into lol. I did decide that I wasn't going to be a product junkie and I wasn't about to be spending 8 hours doing my hair. So I got bits and pieces from a lot of naturals and came up with my own SIMPLE routine. I've loved every minute of this journey. My hair fascinates me because I haven't really seen it since the 8th grade when I begged my mother for a relaxer. Back then, I was tired of being the girl with the crazy thick long hair that I didn't know what to do with. I'm more prepared now and loving it!

Second question, my job. I work in the health industry, working in the STD program. I basically notify people when they have a lab come back positive for an STD. I then have to ensure that they get treated to stop the spread of the disease. It can become pretty stressful when you have folks that don't care to get treated. I sometimes have to make home visits to find folks to bring them in for treatment. I've also been certified as a Phlebotomist, so I can draw blood now. I was terrified at first at the thought of having to stick someone with a needle but now I love it :)! It's a pretty dynamic job and I'm learning so much.

And last question, school. I'm going back to school to pursure my Masters in Social Work. I think I came out of the womb an activist and it's time I use my talents. So I want to further my education and get a 'lil smarter LOL.

Oh, and I no longer have a boo. I have no idea what happened. We were fine at my bestie's wedding in April and about 2 weeks later he just seemed to go crazy on me lol. I'm ok with it, I'm just upset at him for ruining over a decade of friendship because he couldn't be upfront with me about whatever he had/has going on.

So yea, I'm pretty excited about what's coming in these next two years. That's how long I have until I'm 30 and I need to get the ball rolling.

You were right Ieisha, this was a whole new blog post just answering your questions, lol.



  1. Yaaaaayyyyyy! She blogs! Lol. Thanks for the info! Now we're all caught up!

    Okay, your job? T-O-U-G-H! I know the feeling though. I deal with child abuse & neglect cases all day so I understand the toll it takes.

    Congrats on grad school! It's so strange to hear others going back to school when I know the LAST place I'm trying to be is a classroom (unless I'm teaching in it).

    And HOORAY on the natural hair journey! You've got to keep us posted on that too!

    *sad face* for no longer being w/your boo. But you can blog about dating life if and when you decide to get back out there.

    So you see, you have PLENTY of topics to keep us informed on. Now c'mon girl, get ya blog on!

  2. LOL @ Ieisha :).

    I'm definitely going to try to do better at blogging about my hair journey.

    I'm going to try to do better at blogging period.


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