Monday, October 13, 2008

No one's hotter than B!

Do you like how I said "B" as if I know Beyonce?! lol I am SO loving her two new singles right now...especially "Single Ladies". I think it's the video that I like so much, I need to learn those dance moves pronto for my future man! :)


  1. Now this is a woman who knows how to pick songs for women, lol.

  2. Why I detect a hint of sarcasm in your comment? Lol

  3. Not feeling the put a ring on it one...

    and was liking the if I was a boy song and then found out that she stole it from this independent artist BC Jean without her knowing and now papa knowles is trying to pay her off so they can say beyonce wrote it on her album... just sad... bey we already know you can't write so stealing some poor struggling artists song and claiming its yours is just sad

    @clnmike - she doesn't pick songs for women... she picks songs for drag queens and gay men

  4. You know what Eb? You're a mess for that drag queens and gay men comment, lol.

    I moreso like the "single ladies" song b/c of the the dance moves. I didn't know she stole the other folks always trying to pay their way outta stuff...shame...

  5. I cannot say I am a Beyonce fan. Not sure if it's the over-the-top singing or all of the "dance" tracks sounding the same. That 'Single Ladies' song sounds like 'Check On It' to me.

    And I can't get past her image that she puts on everytime someone interviews her.

    I don't want to know all her business like how the proposal went, what the wedding was like, when she's having kids but damn, there has to be something she dislikes. Quit trying to be the pageant queen all the time. We are all adults living in the real world. Things ain't always peaches & cream.

    And then she's on the cover of Essence this month like she divulged a ton of info about her wedding. There were 3 sentences dedicated to it and I could have done without it. The article wasn't even great.

    She is so cautious about what she reveals that she becomes an uninteresting blurb that's not worth the pages in the magazine. I would have liked much more to read about Queen Latifah, Michelle Obama or Gina Prince-Bythewood.

  6. One other thing about Ms. Beyonce. They interviewed her on 106 & Park about the video and Rocsi asked about the ring at the end and she brushed it off and kept saying, "oh you mean the glove?" like she was hard of hearing.

    And then told the story of how she wears the glove when she's her alter-ego, Sasha, or some crazy name.

    Chic, it is really only ok to be multi-dimensional person who has integrity, sex appeal and class. Why does she feel the need to hide behind personas?


    Ok, I'm done.

  7. Lol @ Ieisha! Despite Beyonce's extra boring interviews, I can't help but like her. She's my guilty pleasure. I understand wanting to keep your relationship and life private, but dang! Oh, well...I still like her, what can I say?


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