Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Putting my wall up once again...

Disclaimer: I wrote this about a week ago when I was actually still fuming, but I'm good now :). Ok, carry on!

Maaaaan, where do I even begin. You know how when you're heart gets broken, your heart literally hurts...physically. I'm at that point in my life, once again.

Although I've had my heart broken in the past, this heartbreak hurts particularly more than the others.
I gave so much of myself, that I literally lost myself. Doing sh!t I wouldn't normally do and looking past sh!t that I wouldn't normally overlook.

At 25, I feel like I should be better able to discern guy's motives...but maybe I'm not.

So I've decided to make the conscious effort to focus on myself and my goals and say eff these ningas.

Despite having my heart broken many times in the past, I always told myself that I wouldn't be a Bitter Betty. I always tried to keep my past issues in previous relationships in the past where they belonged. But what's the point? It just seems like these ningas are out for self anyway, so why shouldn't I be?

I consider myself to be a GREAT catch and damnmit I deserve someone who's going to recognize that. I always get the @ssholes that fcuk up constantly while we're together, but when I let their @ss loose all of a sudden it's "I've never had someone treat me the way you did", or "you treated me like a king when we were together" OR my personal favorite "I feel like you're the one"...OH REALLY?! You didn't realize that when we were together? Cuz once I tell you we're done and I strip you from my memory, fool you don't have a chance in hell at getting back with me.

So everyone knows that Jennifer Hudson is the truth despite the fact that she's engaged to Punk from I Love New York (that fool is sweeter than southern iced tea)....but I digress, d@mn this A.D.D.! So yea, Ms. Hudson has a song titled "Invisible" on her album...I think it's going to be my new anthem.


And another thing, why do guys think it's OK to invite you to their house as soon as they meet you. How about a meal...in a PUBLIC place ninja!! Females are too lax on their morals these days. Fools think the simple fact that they holla at you is enough to earn them some @$$! Not in my world! We keeps it exclusive over here!!

Some insight on when this foolishness ends would be greatly appreciated. Jeebus have mercy!! Cuz I don't want to have to go to jail.


  1. Girl, you might as well start saving up your bail money cuz at the rate dudes be acting, you'll be in jail at some time.

    In my experience, guys don't get right till around 33 and even then, it's touch and go.

    In the meantime, do you boo!!!

  2. @Ieisha: Lol, if I save up bail money, then I might be tempted to actually hurt someone! lol...I definitely plan on doing me from now on.

    @Torrance: I'm not afraid to love, just afraid of getting hurt again :/

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