Monday, October 6, 2008

I think I have a crush on Warren Sapp? :)

I've been following Dancing with the Stars these past couple of years and have actually enjoyed it, but I never really had a favorite....until Warren Sapp. He just seems so fun and cuddly. I've never been one that was into heavyset men. My type is 6'4 and up and straight muscle! Mmmmmmmm(<---Homer voice) I'm drooling just thinking of my ideal man. But Warren, he just does something to me. Maybe it's his huge smile, who knows. I like him so much, I think I might actually vote this season. I'm a nerd, who cares :)!


  1. Warren is charming in a tiger that can all of a sudden bite your head off kind of way.

  2. Lmbo! No he's not, he's charming in cute cuddly bear kinda way :)

  3. Hey - I just added a new post.

  4. @ Torrance: I don't like them big, Warren Sapp is the exception :)

    @Darius: I'll come check you out.

  5. I started watching it just because of him and Toni

    I'm glad Kim got kicked off

  6. @ Ms. Honey: I'm glad Kim got kicked off too, that heifa was TOO stiff! , lol

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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